zaproszenie na kurs

Poniżej korespondencja nadesłana przez prof. Konrada Ptaszyńskiego

Dear Konrad,
I am very glad to inform you that a Pathology Course will be organized in
Florence, Italy in November 2018.

The course "A practical diagnostic approach to Thyroid, Lung and Soft
Tissue pathology" will be held in November 7-8 at S. Apollonia Auditorium
and directed by Saul Suster, MD (Professor and Chairman of the Pathology &
Laboratory Medicine - The Medical College of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, WI,

"A practical diagnostic approach to Thyroid, Lung and Soft Tissue
Pathology” represents the inaugural event planned by a no profit
organization named “Malpighi Pathology Academy” founded in April 2018 in
Florence with the aim to promote all over the World education in the field
of Pathology.

I would be really pleased if you could add the course announcement to your
pathology website. In attachment you will find the course brochure while an
online registration form is available at

You can also find information in the website at
the "conferences" page but for any question do not hesitate to contact me

Thank you in advance for your kind co-operation.

Yours faithfully,

Dr Franco Fedeli
Head of Foundation “Malpighi Pathology Academy”

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