2023 Pathology Progress Test

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The European Society of Pathology (ESP), in close collaboration with the UEMS Board of Pathology, is happy to announce the 2023 Pathology Progress Test (PPT).

From 12 December 2023 to 7 January 2024, you are invited to take the PPT, which is primarily intended for trainees, but any pathologist curious to submit their knowledge base to the test is welcome to participate. The test consists of 120 questions in a multiple-choice question (MCQ) format. The questions are partly text only, partly still image-based, and partly virtual slide-based. The targeted level is a trainee at the end of a residency programme. The test comprises questions with a purely diagnostic orientation, but also molecular pathology- and mechanism of disease-oriented questions. After finishing the test participants will immediately receive a test score. The test is a tool for self-assessment and is purely informative. The results are kept anonymous.

The best way to do the PPT is in one run, which will take about 3 hours, but can also be taken in stages.

ESP members in good standing are invited to register via the ESP Educational Platform. Access to the Platform is done by using the ESP login credentials. After successful login, please access the ESP Education Platform, navigate to the „ESP Pathology Progress Test” window, access the PPT 2023 tab and click the Registration. The PPT will be available after successful registration.
ESP members in good standing will receive a certificate of participation awarded with CME credits and will have access to the correct answers. This information will be communicated about two weeks after the conclusion of the PPT 2023 to those who complete and submit all 120 questions.

ESP members not in good standing can access the PPT via this LINK, which may be shared with any Pathologist interested in the PPT.Colleagues who are not ESP members in good standing will not receive a certificate and will not have access to the correct answers.To participate in the PPT as a non-ESP member you must create a guest account. Please note that since the accounts need to be approved manually, the activation may take up to two working days.

PPT Test is offered free of charge to all participants.

In case of technical problems, or if you have any questions about the PPT 2023, please contact the ESP Educational Manager, Dr Christos Poulios at: admin@esp-pathology.org

On behalf of the ESP Education Subcommittee / UEMS Board of Pathology Progress Test task force.

European Society of Pathology

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