Pathology Day 2017

Dear Prof. Marszalek,
I’m the chair of the Molecular Pathology WG of the European Society of Pathology and I’m writing to you because on 21st June in Brno the OECI Pathology Day will be held. I’m the organizer of this meeting in which we will be speaking about N-1 trials. This new type of collaboration is something which is going to grow in the future as a close collaboration between pathologists, oncologists, molecular biologists, bioinformaticians, and others. This collaboration, which is necessary for the development of new precision medicine, takes into consideration that clinical research and clinical application are today and will be more in the future a unique integrated activity in which pathologists will be deeply involved. Please find here attached, as the President of the Polish Society of Pathology, the programme, to diffuse this information to invite the pathologists to participate in the meeting on 21st June (pages 16-17 of the attached programme), to introduce them to this type of approach from a practical point of view.
Thank you very much for diffusing this information among the pathologists of your country.

Best regards,
Prof. Giorgio Stanta

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